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1. Ritual beard trimming
Image counseling, beard design, shape and razor profiling, with a perfumed hot towel and a choice of superior after-shave

2. Express beard trimming
Image counseling, beard design and dry shaping, only with clippers

3. American shaving ritual
Traditional razor shaving, with a perfumed hot towel, face massage and a  choice of superior after-shave

4. Dry shaving
A quick dry shaving, with clippers

1. American haircut
Fashion haircut, with fading, using clippers and scissors. Hair wash, styling and hair products are included

2. Classic haircut
This traditional barber shop haircut is entirely done with scissors and a razor. Hair wash, styling and hair products are included

3. Head shaving
American razor shaving ritual, with a perfumed hot towel

4. White hair dye
A quick dye that dissimulates white hair, in a masculin, natural way. Done in hair, beard and eyebrows

1. Facial peeling

Treatment for men skin. A moment to take care of men skin needs, nice and relaxing

2. Eyebrow hair removal 

Cleans eyebrow contours, always in a masculine way, aesthetic and natural, using wax and tweezers

3. Small zone hair removal

This includes only one zone, which can be nose, ears, cheeks or frown

4. Complete facial zone hair removal

With this pack we’ll remove all the undesired facial hair with wax. This includes eyebrows, nose, cheeks and ears

The place where men feel right

In a barber shop in Girona, most of the conversations are around a boxing fight which puts on this very night. The barbers and the clients predictin the winner laughing about it, and in the background, the sound of scissors make the hair to feel the ground.
Suddenly, a barber turns the music louder, Mr J.J. Cale deserves it, prepares some coffee, so the after shave has a new contender. We are all right in here… We feel like home at Rut’s Barber Shop.
Shaving foam, razors, rock’n’roll, the best chit-chat…